Research on the Business Model Innovation Based on Shenzhen Jenyf Cosmetics Co. Ltd

Jing-kun ZHAO, Guo-ping FAN, Yao JIANG


Due to the old business model, Jenyf can no longer guarantee the survival and development of the company. Thus, by studying its own company's many years of entrepreneurial experience, comparing with many domestic e-commerce enterprises, we have summed up and optimized the "1+C +S" entrepreneurial model with Jenyf’s characteristics, and smoothly realize transition, taking it as the core value resource of Jenyf company ,enabling entrepreneurs to become partners while benefiting manufacturers, entrepreneurs' customers, consumers and other stakeholders . Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research and analysis on this brand-new business model, which can play a certain role in the operation of the model, but also has certain reference significance for companies in the same industry.


Business model, Wei-Zhu’s six elements theory, Cosmetic industry


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