Visualization Analysis of Literature Big Data on Elderly Service from the International Perspective

Mei-jun NING, Yi-xuan GAO, Ru-nan GE, Yu-xin CHEN


To investigate systematically the development status of literature big data on elderly service, this paper regarded 1268 SCI-E/SSCI/A&HCI literatures from 1983 to 2019 in the WoS core collection database as the research objects. Using CiteSpace 5.6R1 to draw the mapping knowledge domains, this paper investigated the research hotspots, research frontiers and development trends. The research results are as follows. (1) Literature big data on elderly service has witnessed a rapid increasing trend, which gradually adopts a multi-disciplinary and multi-view approach to conduct the elderly service research. (2) Research hotspots mainly focus on demand for elderly services, elderly service model and elderly service quality. (3) Research frontiers mainly include the concept and path of elderly service model, elderly service quality and elderly service innovation, which has gone through three development stages. Our findings provide insights into the promotion of the research and practice on elderly service globalization.


Elderly service, Literature big data, International perspective, Visualization analysis


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