On Zeng Shiqiang’s Viewpoint about Plan Implementation with Non-action Theory

Hui-min DENG, Guo-qing LI


This paper analyzes how to apply the doctrine of non-action raised by Lao-Tzu to the art of management, which can be understood as “take action through non-action”. The paper first of all talks about the situation in which the planner is not its executor and analyzes the possible significant division of opinion that may occur. The paper discusses solutions to deal with them put forward by Prof. Zeng under the guidance Lao-Tzu’s non-action theory. The analysis is carried out both from the leader’s perspective and from the perspective of the average employees as well. The author of the paper argues that non-action theory can also be used in our teaching job, so it is worthy of our further study.


Non-action theory, Plan implementation, Taoism, Lao-Tzu, Chinese management


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