Analysis and Diagnosis of Technical Characteristics of Male Youth Race Walkers in Chifeng Training Camp

Kai-Lan ZHOU, Hai-Tao DING, Na YAN, Hou-Lin LI, Hao WANG, Pi-Yong GUO, Jun YUAN


Race walking has always been the traditional advantage of China's track and field sports. In recent years, China's high-level race walking athletes have been constantly competing for gold and silver in the international competition, shining for the sports cause of the motherland. In order to keep the advantages of China's race walking, we should not only focus on China's high-level race walking athletes, but also pay attention to the training and development of China's race walking reserve talents. Only the grassroots organizations continue to send excellent athletes, to ensure the international status of China's race walking. To this end, the track and field administration center of the general administration of sport of China launched a 10-day training camp for high-level reserve talents in race walking in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, on July 24, 2018 and August 4, 2018, with the purpose of selecting a batch of excellent seed athletes and strengthening the construction of reserve talents in race walking projects in China. Article mainly men athletes of all over the country to attend the camp 16 and 17 year old age group, and the appraisal of the camp games among the top 10 athletes in technical analysis, characteristics of common problems for this batch of young athletes, and their technique for diagnosis of talents for the future delivery to provide some valuable reference information.


Teenagers; Race walking; Chinese


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