Understanding Travel Constraints: An Exploratory Study of Inbound International Students in China

Jing-Yi TANG, Kai-Yun WANG, Cai-Hong ZHANG


China has been considered as one of the top 10 countries for international education destinations. Inbound students’ traveling in China, however, involves various uncertainties and constraints that can inhibit their participation. This study adopted the qualitative methodology and 17 in-depth interviews. The results suggest that inbound international tourists in China are subject to some travel constraints, including the lack of accurate information and specialized equipment required in some areas, or the insecurity caused by the lack of perceived skills and the inability to feel a sense of control and mobility. These limiting factors will greatly affect the type, frequency and destination choice of tourism activities for inbound international students. Implications and limitations are also discussed.


Travel constraints; Constraint negotiation; Inbound international students; China


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