Research on Marketing Mix Strategies of Physical Training in Hainan Province



Physical training, as a new type of artistic exercise project, can meet consumers' spiritual needs for physical beauty and good temperament. The market-oriented operation of physical training will certainly promote the popularization and development of physical training industry and bring new opportunities and development to physical training institutions in Hainan province. Based on the consumer's point of marketing theory of 4Ps and 4Cs, take the research methods of questionnaire investigation, physical training market in Hainan province as consumers, parents, and the form of training practitioners as investigation object, and the physical training market of Hainan province of the status of the investigation and analysis, in order to find the development factors restricting the physical training market of Hainan province, build training institutions to Hainan province form training market effective and feasible countermeasures.


Physical training; Marketing; Development countermeasures


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