A Study on International Cooperation between China and Latin America under the Background of "One Belt and One Road"

Li-Wen CHEN, Si-Wei DAI


With the introduction of the "One Belt and One Road" in 2015, China's trade relations and international cooperation with regions and countries all over the world has risen to a new level. From a historical point of view, practical benefits and cooperative planning, Latin America is an important node. China is firmly carrying forward the concept of "Community with Shared Future for Mankind," and adheres to the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation mode with Latin America. In China, we will expand the depth and breadth of cooperation with Latin America, and the pattern of Latin America's opening to the outside world will usher in greater opportunities, meet new development, and provide new impetus for the economic transformation of China and Latin America. In the paper, it focuses on promoting the interconnection under the background of "One Belt and One Road" and helping the economic development of Latin America, analyzing the significance and present situation of international cooperation in China and Latin America, and providing a counter-measure for deepening the research on the smooth and cooperative trade between China and Latin America.


“One Belt and One Road;” Latin American region; Economic and trade cooperation; Countermeasures analysis


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