Analysis of Economic and Trade Cooperation between Fujian and ASEAN under the Background of "Belt and Road"

Si-Wei DAI, Li-Wen CHEN


Since the "One Belt And One Road" initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping in 2013, Fujian province and ASEAN countries have responded to the call to actively carry out economic and trade cooperation, and the trade volume between Fujian province and ASEAN has significantly increased. With the success of the second negotiation on upgrading China-ASEAN free trade area, the trade cooperation between Fujian and Asean has been further deepened, Fujian province should give full play to its geographical advantages in the core area of the maritime Silk Road and actively engage in economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges with Asean countries. Based on the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road initiative" in our country as the background, China- ASEAN free trade area upgrade negotiations success and in Fujian province, the present situation of the bilateral trade volume of import and export trade between ASEAN and the analysis, from both sides of the policy, political, economic and with ASEAN countries respective development present situation of Fujian province and so on various aspects step Some Suggestions on how to play their respective advantages to create a win-win situation.


One Belt And One Road; Fujian Province; ASEAN; Economic and trade cooperation


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