Absolute Freedom Means No Freedom at All: A Reflection on the Value of Individual Freedom Supremacy

Ke-Qian XU


The absolute priority of individual liberty and freedom has become a taboo and political correctness for long in modern western ideology. However, many evidences indicates that over emphasizing the value of individual freedom in practice not only will not turn out good results, but also leads to the opposite direction, i.e., losing of freedom. From a cross-cultural perspective, over emphasizing the value of individual freedom is only an Anglo-American cultural particularity. Freedom is only one among other important human values. According to ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang and Five elements, these different values are mutually correlated. Over emphasizing the absoluteness of one value will cause the interaction of other elements, and will lead things towards opposite direction. Therefore, it is necessary to say no to the cult of extreme liberalism.


Freedom; Value; Yin-Yang; Five elements


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