The Study of Automatic Examination in the Teaching of Official Document Writing

Wen-Yan ZHANG, Jing JIA, Ti LI, Kai ZHANG


Official Document writing teaching is an important way for the government and its administrative departments for pre-job training to ensure that recruits can be competent at their administrative functions and service responsibilities, and plays an important role in the process of administrative management. As the most frequently used and the largest number of important tools in the daily management process of administrative organs, official documents are the most formal and scientific way in many methods of administrative management. However, there are still a great deal of teasers, such as the non-standard formulation of official documents, inappropriate content and expression, which occur from time to time in practice. If these teasers could be dealt with in the process of examination in the teaching of official document writing in time, these teasers will be solved in advance. Therefore, it is necessary to study the norms of official document examination in common use.


Official document writing; Teaching method; Automatic examination; Standardization


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