Suggestion on the Strategies of Purifying the Safety Environment of Foods Purchasing Online in China and Strengthening the Government's Supervision and Control Functions

Guo-Hong WANG, Dong WANG, Ke-Na WANG


Food hygiene and safety is an extremely important issue of people's livelihood and people's hearts, it relates to the vital interests of thousands of households in China. There are all kinds of chaos and problems in foods purchasing online in China currently, it threatens the safety of the tongue of the Chinese people seriously. In order to better deal with and resolve these security risks, from the point of view of the government, it must shoulder the corresponding heavy burdens and responsibilities, vigorously purify the safe environment of foods purchasing online in China, adopt all necessary and effective administrative measures, strictly control over all links and the whole process of production and sales of foods sold online from various aspects, create a good safety environment for foods purchasing online, provide safety and guarantee for people to buy foods sold online, conscientiously safeguard and maintain the Chinese people's lives and health and property security.


China, Foods Purchasing Online, Safety Environment, Government, Supervision, Control Functions, Strategies


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