On the Path of Community Social Capital Cultivation Based on Social Work Project



At present, with the social transformation and system transformation in our country, the urban social spatial structure has changed dramatically. Community is the most basic element of social organism, and also one of the most concentrated social regional spaces of various social conflicts and contradictions. The paradigm of community social capital is highly consistent with the current situation of community development in China. The cultivation of community social capital is not only from the practical difficulties and policy guidance in community governance, but also from the needs of public service function transfer. This paper interprets the social capital of the community from the three elements of network, norm and trust, defines the structure of social capital and the construction of specific indicators in the community level, and analyzes the current situation and reasons for the lack of social capital in the community. From the perspective of social work, this paper discusses the cultivation path of community social capital based on community service projects by using the intervention strategy of asset-based model, multi-party linkage subject and cross-border cooperation mode.


Network; Norm; Trust; Social Work Project; Community Social CapitalText


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