Constructing a Scientific Guarantee System of Teaching Quality Base on Separation of Management, Enforcement and Evaluation



According to the principle of separation of management, enforcement and evaluation, universities need to focus on clarifying the relationship of the three. Focusing on the teaching quality evaluation system, monitoring system and incentive measures, the department of teaching management formulates management specifications, requirements and quality standards for teaching activities. The secondary faculties and departments carry out teaching activities in accordance with the above regulations. The department of supervision and evaluation check the implementation according to the regulations and feedback the information to the management and handling departments. The three parties work together to build a teaching quality guarantee system. University personnel training is mainly through purposeful, planned, organized teaching activities to achieve. Teaching quality is the key factor that determines the quality of talent training. In view of the many factors that affect the quality of talent training, and the factors interact with each other, it is necessary to effectively monitor these factors to promote the coordination and mutual promotion of the factors in the teaching system. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a scientific teaching quality monitoring system, so that the teaching management department and the school running department can find problems in time, analyze the problems correctly, and finally solve the problems effectively to ensure that the quality of talent training reaches the expected goals.


Teaching Quality Monitoring; Separation of Management and Evaluation; Incentive MechanismText


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