Research on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students under the Background of Practical Teaching System Reform



with the continuous development of education mode, mass entrepreneurship and further innovation, practical teaching plays a more and more significant role in teaching activities, the state pays more and more attention to entrepreneurship and innovation talents, the demand of the society is increasing, the supply of talents and the demand of the society are in short supply. It is one of the starting points of higher education to promote employment and guide entrepreneurship, and it is also the most dynamic factor to promote the sustainable development of economy. Practical education in higher education institution provides more applied talents for the development of the country. Practical teaching is an important part of the education and teaching system in Colleges and universities. It is also an important way to cultivate students' innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and practical ability. Integrating the practical teaching system into the teaching of professional courses can gradually increase students' awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship. Under the background of the reform of practical teaching system, this paper explores the problems faced by college students' innovation and entrepreneurship and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures in order to promote the better development of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability.


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