On the Development of Higher Vocational Education from the International Perspective



With the support of appropriate political and economic system, China's higher vocational education continues to push forward the education reform, optimize the education structure, and gradually clarify the development path in many directions. Based on the international perspective, combined with the practice of vocational education in Germany and Singapore, this paper makes some contributions to the development of world-class higher vocational education with Chinese characteristics: building a complete vocational education system with lifelong education thought and vocational ability training as the center; improving laws and regulations to promote the convergence of vocational education and industry; activating the main body of vocational colleges We should strengthen the practical operation ability of teachers, build a team of double qualified vocational education, guide the "work project" to activate the curriculum and internalize the theoretical knowledge in practice. In the magnificent development of China's reform and opening up, the development focus of vocational education has gradually changed from the denotative development to the connotative construction, and a development path with Chinese characteristics has emerged.


International Reference; Higher Vocational Education; Path ExplorationText


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