Digital Finance as a Part of the World Economy



The article is devoted to the modern stage of development of the world community, the urgent issue of which is the concept of “digital economy”. The tasks of the work are to study the individual elements of the development of digitalization. Consideration of economic results leads to the analysis of digital finance, as new segments of market relations in the global economy. The future lies in technological progress. The contribution of world countries to digital activities is also an important aspect of the objectives of this work. The methodology of the work is to use the dialectic and knowledge of the system approach, the synthesis and generalization of logical modeling, as well as mathematical and statistical parameters. The main conclusion of the work was the conclusion that for the more efficient functioning of states, more attention should now be paid to the development of the digital economy.


Digital Economy, Financial Resources, World Community, Digital Finance, World Banks, GDP, Digitalization of the Country.Text


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