Modern Strategies for the Development of Education in the Russian Federation: New Approaches and Solutions to the Problem of Professional Growth of a Teacher



The article analyzes current state of education in the Russian Federation and the strategic objectives of the school education development for the coming period until 2014. The purpose of the article is to highlight the specificity of the activities planned in the project to show their importance for the teachers’ professional development the education system improvement. The paper deals with the characteristics of the main issues of the national project "Development of Education" and a set of federal projects that specify the concept of the project. The article shows the ways of improving the quality of education through building the national system of teachers’ professional development. The article emphasizes teachers’ professional development is achieved by a system of organizational measures, including creation of Continuous Professional Development Centers for the teachers who do not plan to change their profession, and Advanced Training Centers for those teachers who wish to receive a new professional qualifications or the sphere of pedagogical expertise.


Education Development, National Projects, Professional Growth, Teacher, SkillsText


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