Integrity as a Phenomenon of Art and the Principle of Artistic Didactics



The article defines artistic pedagogy as a scientific area, one of the sections of which is artistic didactics. The scientific prerequisites for the emergence of artistic didactics are traced, the characteristics for the level of development of the principles of artistic didactics for the teaching of art in accordance with the laws and nature of art is given. The role of the principles of artistic didactics for artistic education is listed and designated. The relevance of the development of the principle of integrity is described as one of the cornerstones of artistic didactics for the implementation of the modern process of artistic education in the field of decorative and applied arts and traditional artistic crafts. For this purpose, the concept of integrity as a phenomenon of art and an interdisciplinary category is revealed, a comparative analysis of the concept of integrity in science and art has been undertaken. For scientific substantiation of the principle of integrity in the teaching of traditional artistic fields the most important provisions of modern science are studied, on which leading scientists in the field of artistic education build on in their studies: data of neuropsychology on the harmony of merging-separatness inherent to human psyche; the original integrity of the biological field of the human body; integrity of the processes of perception on the basis of human sensory systems; morphogenetic and causing meaning laws of art; the integrity of the national universe, which compares the main components of national culture and art. The article presents a huge amount of work of the Higher National Art School (Academy) on scientific support of centuries-old folk art crafts, teaching the skills of their possession by future artists, training pedagogical personnel for the organization of the educational process at the Academy.


decorative and applied art, traditional artistic crafts, artistic didactics, the principle of integrity.Text


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