A Cultural Anthropological Study on the Historical Novel The Song of A’gan



From the perspective of cultural anthropology, the historical novel The Song of A’gan written by Ma Zixiang, a Dongxiang nationality writer of Gansu Province, China, presents its complicated but dimensional aspects: describing Chinese ancient Xianbei people’s customs and rituals of 1600 years ago and highlighting these ancient people’s unique characteristics in the reconstruction of history during the period of Wuhu and Sixteen Kingdoms (304A.D-439 A.D). With the theory of “Thick Description” from Clifford Geertz (1926-2006) and the concept of "Constructing History" from Franz Boas (1858-1942), the regional culture of the Western Qin Dynasty established by Xianbei ethnical group is promoted to the discourse with universal meaning, and the historical process of how minority culture blending with Han culture are presented.


Cultural Anthropology; The Song of A’gan; Xianbei Minority; The Ancient Culture.Text


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