Research on Aesthetics of Desire Manifestation in the Intelligent Age—Based Travel Reality Show as the Research Object



Desire consumerism is the inner demands in the Intelligent age and its media forms are aesthetics. Desire and its expression is the core of travel reality show, and the aestheticization of desire consumption is an important representation of such reality shows. Taking travel reality show for example, the article analyzes the expression way and value orientation of desire consumerism from desire consumerism and society of spectacles. With acute analysis of desire manifestation in travel reality show and style of desire consumerism, Visual aesthetic is desire-consumerism’s performance form in the era of mass media with rationality. But it’s easy to pursuit external image, sliding to worse aesthetic taste. Desire consumerism should have boundary in order to be not limitless expansion.


Desire Consumerism; Travel Reality Show; Aestheticization; Spectacle of Desire; Super Reality.Text


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