Personal and Professional Needs Related to Technological, Pedagogical and Subject Content Knowledge (TPACK) of Royal University of Bhutan Faculty



This paper is based on the online survey that was initially conducted to explore and understand the personal and professional needs related to technological, pedagogical and subject content knowledge (TPACK) of some 700 teacher educators in Asia (8 universities) and Europe (4 universities) as a part of the Erasmus+ project on Blended Learning. A total of 80 Bhutanese teacher educators from the two teacher training colleges responded to this survey. Given the importance of the TPACK to all the university faculty irrespective of the type of college/discipline they teach at, the same questionnaire (paper-based) was administered to the Royal University of Bhutan faculty (n=189) from four other colleges (one engineering, one business, one liberal arts, and one language and cultural studies). The findings generally showed that almost all the respondents (99.4%) use Internet every day at the work place (85.2%) and home (70.9%). Using text editors, social networking, shopping, searching information, reading news, power point presentation, instant messenger and gamming topped the list of reasons for using Internet. However, integrating ICT into the curriculum, lack of pedagogical knowledge on how to use ICT in teaching and learning and Internet connectivity being too slow and expensive were identified as major problems. Findings also indicated an overwhelming need for PD on blended learning and other related ICT skills. This paper also presents insights into the seven-factor TPACK model and its implications. Given its transformative potential, it is imperative that higher education institutions in Bhutan provide strategic leadership in improving the overall ICT skills and facilities and incorporating blended learning into teaching and learning to facilitate higher learning experience.


Blended Learning; Technological; Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK); Higher EducationText


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