Just Culture as a Useful Tool for the Organizations in the Context of ISO 45001:2018 Standard Implementation



This article presents basic issues related to a just culture in the context of ISO 45001:2018 standard—occupational health and safety management systems implementation. The organizations that want to implement the new standard, need an effective tool to make their reporting systems more effective because of some new requirements of the standard laws. One proven solution of that has been used for some time in the past, especially in aviation and medicine which is called a just culture model. The practical tool of the just culture, called the Fair Culpability Model, is presented in this article. This tool supports the organizations with handling blame and punishment. It inverts blame culture into the just culture in the organizations. In addition, in this article we can find information about the factors determining the growth of adverse occurrence reports number in the organizations and ways to classify the behavior and attitudes of employees as acceptable or not acceptable one.


occupational health and safety management systems, safety culture, just culture, reporting culture.Text


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