The Concept of Ergonomic Analysis of a Company’s Organization of Working Time



The aim of this article is to present the concept of the analysis of working time organization in a company and to present the results of empirical research. The analysis of working time organization is still a poorly recognized issue of economic analysis. The basic research problem of the research is to identify the organizational gap which is the difference between the applied working methods and the working time systems already in use, as well as to indicate a way to bridge this gap. The goal is to determine the suitability of the applied working time system to the type of working method of given department. The concept of the working method adopted in the article includes: elements of the production system, elements of the work system and working conditions. The proposed course of analytical proceedings (research methodology) includes the following stages: identification of organizational units within the enterprise and the working method used, analysis and evaluation of the working time system and identification of ways to improve the working time system. The empirical part of the article presents the results of an analysis and evaluation of the working time system in a steel industry enterprise (case study). The results of the economic analysis were complemented by management and employee feedback in order to improve the existing working time system. The following were used to achieve this objective: the research results, economic analysis, elements of ergonomic analysis, interviews and questionnaires.


ergonomics, working time, production system, working conditionsText


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