International Comparative Analysis of Visualization of Applied Professional Construction Research Status



What is the research status of application-oriented specialty construction in China and abroad? Finding something from the literature analysis years of Chinese literature of CNKI2003-2018 and English literature of JOSTOR With visualization tools, overall, the international research enthusiasm in the field on application-oriented specialty construction are gradual decline, Most of the authors of the English literature on applied professional research come from science and engineering professionals. But in recent years, the research on application-oriented specialty construction in China and the United States become more and more enthusiasm. The keywords such as Course construction, Practice teaching and Personnel training mode is contacted more closely to of applied professional, in addition to engineering applied professional, The research on applied majors of humanities and social sciences in China also shows a rising trend. The rapid growth of applied majors in China is closely related to the rapid economic development and higher education reform in China.


Applied professional, Research, International comparison.Text


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