Study and Practice on Course Assessment Mode with Ability Training as the Core



Traditional assessment mode is suitable for evaluating knowledge, and is not suitable for evaluating ability. Focusing on ability training, the assessment mode combining formativeness and finality is proposed. Analyzing problem and solving problem ability, autonomous learning ability, information acquisition and expression ability, engineering practice ability and innovative thinking ability are evaluated through classroom interaction, homework, unit test, self-learning, experiment and final exam. Various questions suitable for ability assessment are drew up, such as thinking questions, discussion questions, investigation questions, analysis questions, application questions, design questions, etc. Ability is practical skill and personalized psychological characteristics for successfully completing a certain activity. Higher education is changing from teacher-centered to student-centered, is changing from knowledge learning to comprehensive training of knowledge, ability and quality[1]. The training objectives, graduation requirements and curriculum system have been revised, the teaching objectives and methods of the course have also been revised accordingly. The assessment mode, assessment standard and test questions of the course should also be modified[2]. Both knowledge and ability should be examined. Based on the course of data communication and network technology, the assessment mode and content suitable for ability training are discussed in this paper


Ability Training, Assessment Mode, Test QuestionText


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