Study on Thinking and Reform of Design Arts Course of Colleges and Universities under Core Literacy Concept—A Case of Plane Composition

Li-juan XIONG


In this paper, the course of plane composition is taken as an example to trigger the thinking of the art design course of colleges and universities under core literacy concept. By developing the core literacy and sorting out its definitions, it puts forwards the cultivation targets of the core literacy of design arts courses, namely, social responsibility, learning ability as well as personalized emotion. By rethinking the characteristics of the course of plane composition and teaching objects, the reform schemes are put forwards from four aspects of teaching contents, teaching modes, assignment tasks as well as teaching evaluations. When the teaching contents are implemented by “two increases and one decrease”, it also introduces multidisciplinary knowledge; the teaching mode is conducted by four steps including “evaluation, teaching, practice and guidance”, and moreover, it also combines with CBL, HPS, Seminar as well as task driven teaching method; the assignment tasks are deployed from four aspects including meticulous, interesting, practice as well as emotion; the teaching evaluation emphasizes the combination between self-evaluation and others evaluation, increasing the assessment of the daily assignments. By the reform on these four aspects, the cultivation target of the core literacy of design arts courses can be reached effectively.


Core literacy, Design arts, Plane composition, Reform, Thinking


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