Appraisal and Management of Service Procurement Project Based on Value Rationality and Modern Purchasing Concept



The service procurement has increased greatly along with the development of society and economy. Selecting the most suitable service providers through evaluation is not only has a bearing on the use efficiency of procurement funds and social fairness, but also related to the vitality and competitiveness of service enterprises. Starting from the concept of value rationality and modern procurement, and considering characteristics of service items different from material purchasing, this paper discusses the characteristics and difficulties of service procurement projects, analyses the key issues in service purchasing appraisal, including supplier qualification, project management and planning, purchasing price, and emergency plan design. The implementation of evaluation factors and commitments from aspects of service details and quality standards, continuous monitoring of service realization and delivery, and rewards and penalties for suppliers based on user satisfaction are brought forward, with a view to improving the assessment and management of service procurement projects continuously.


Service Procurement, Project Appraisal, Value Rationality, Modern Procurement Concept


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