Construction and Management of Cold Chain Logistics of Maritime Silk Route

Chuan WANG, Mengya ZHANG, Qingying ZHANG


As an important channel of cold chain logistics, the Maritime Silk Road is an important way to transport cold chain goods. In view of the characteristics of perishable cold chain goods, stringent time requirement and high difficulty in quality control, this paper expounds the process and links and requirements of sea transportation of cold chain goods from a systematic perspective, and analyses the significance and difficulties of building cold chain logistics corridor. On the basis of this, the measures of cold chain logistics channel construction are put forward from five aspects. In addition to strengthening communication and cooperation among carriers, shippers and consignees of the cold chain, vigorously developing professional refrigerated container business, comprehensively promoting quality monitoring and management of the cold chain, and using various advanced technical means are also effective measures to promote the construction of the Marine Silk Road.


Cold Chain Logistics, Maritime Silk Road, Maritime Transportation


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