Operation and Management of Paragliding Clubs in China

Qing MENG, Xufang ZHU, Yanfeng DENG


This paper takes the development of commercial paragliding clubs in Hubei Province as the research object, and studies some common problems in the operation and management of the clubs, which mainly include: unclear overall positioning and business objectives; weak consumption ability of the club members; paragliding talent shortage; lack of in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the service industry of the club. On the basis of interviews and questionnaires, this paper uses mathematical statistics to analyze the results of the survey, and puts forward suggestions on the future development direction and experience management of paraglider clubs in the process of marketization, which include: defining the overall orientation, clearing the operational objectives, planning future development, improving members' consumption ability, improving the employment system, and perfecting the service system, etc., so as to enhance the paragliding club to get better development.


Paragliding, Club, Operation, Management


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