Logistics Cost Control Method of the Core Enterprise of the Supply Chain

Ying YU


In view of the huge and complex supply chain system, this paper analyzes the main problems of insufficient cost control of supply chain and puts forward the theory that the core enterprise of supply chain should lead the whole supply chain cost control process. Firstly it analyzes the significant disadvantages on cost control for each stage in supply chain at present in our country, then based on these cost control defects, puts forward a method which the core enterprises of supply chain could apply to cost control process. Finally in combination of actual practice of different nodes in supply chain enterprises the paper extracts its cost control key points, and further explains that the core enterprise of supply chain should adopt this target cost control method, analyze all sections covering each node in supply chain, sort out its process with established standards, in pursuit of achieving cost control for each stage with strengthened interconnections and performance evaluation, to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement of the cost control method.


Logistics Cost Control, Core Enterprise, Node Enterprises


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