Model Construction and Empirical Research on Site Selection of Urban Logistics Distribution Center

Yong WANG, Pei-lin ZHANG, Daniel Tesfamariam SEMERE, Qian LU, Peiyao ZHAO


The rapid development of logistics technology profoundly affects and changes the traditional social economy. Logistics distribution center promotes the optimization of the structure of logistics industry and brings changes and development to the radiation area of logistics distribution center. On the basis of summarizing the influencing factors of WM city's logistics distribution center location, this paper introduces and studies the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and carries out an example analysis combined with the influencing factors of WM city's distribution center location. The first part of this topic summarizes the city logistics distribution center. The second part analyses the influencing factors of WM city logistics distribution center. The third part is the demonstration of an example. It demonstrates the advantages, disadvantages and rationality of establishing logistics distribution centers in W several regions by using analytic hierarchy process.


Urban Distribution Center, Site Selection, Influence Factor, Model Construction


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