The Operation of the “Chang’an” China-Europe freight Trains Based on Competitiveness

Ding SUN, Dehong XU, Xin ZHOU


Many international railway transport lines from China to Europe have been established with the further implementation of “Belt and Road”, such as “Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe international railway”, “Chang’an international railway” and “Chengdu-Europe international railway”. That not only shapes the brand of “China-Europe freight trains” and the image and capacity of China’s land international logistics, but also establishes an international railway transport route which links different positions and the Central Asia. To further improve the operational efficiency of the “Chang’an” China-Europe freight trains, the effects of such aspects as Xi’an traffic location, opening time, operation route, freight cycle, freight volume in the past three years on “Chang’an” China-Europe freight train through combining its own characteristics are analyzed in this paper. Although “Chang’an” China-Europe freight trains has several advantages in traffic location and energy resources, its information level, unstable international railway transportation environment, insufficient return cargo sources, overall planning and hardware measures still need to be improved in practical operation. Finally, the development suggestions and countermeasures are also proposed in terms of the subsidy policy, shipping route and cargo sources structure.


China-Europe freight trains, “Chang’an”, Countermeasures


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