Garment E-commerce Return and Exchange 4PL Innovation

Jingye SHEN, Xinyue SHANG, Jinshan DAI


Starting from the research on the existing problems in the return and exchange process of existing clothing e-commerce, this paper proposes the clothing e-commerce return and exchange 4PL platform innovation mode for the three pain points, namely, the long return and replacement cycle, the out-of-stock in change of season and the insufficient development of the residual value of returned clothing. Based on this, this paper introduces a 4PL-led dual pre-strategy and then expounds the advantages of the dual pre-strategy by means of comparison. At last, this paper describes in detail how to implement the dual pre-strategy under this mode, and constructs the concept model of 4PL platform, thus realizing the optimization of the reverse logistics supply chain of apparel e-commerce.


Clothing e-commerce, Return and exchange logistics, Dual pre-strategy, PAL platform


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