Study of Logistics Management of Iron and Steel Enterprises Based on Multimodal Transport—Take M Company as an Example

Yao ZHANG, Jinshan DAI, Mengya ZHANG


Taking M steel logistics company as the research objective, and aiming at the problems existing in the enterprise, this paper makes the analysis of the external environment and resource capacity, schedules the strategic transformation plan of multimodal transportation, and designs the multimodal transport logistics service platform framework, which has a "vertical and horizontal" structure, and is able to guarantee the unified management of the group vertically and connect several transport departments horizontally. Through the effective circulation of information, the cost can be reduced, and the operation efficiency and comprehensive benefits of enterprises can be improved. This paper discusses the intermodal transport and integrated services of various modes of transport, and puts forward specific measures and schemes of multimodal transport services from eight aspects, which can not only optimize the transport rate of production logistics internally, but also obtain certain profits through services to the third parties.


Steel Logistics Enterprises, Multimodal Transport, Information Platform Construction


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