Strategy and Management of Integration of Rural Tourism and Cultural Industry—Take Beidaihe Village Qinhuangdao as an Example

Zhida WANG, Hongmei GAO


2019 Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Revitalization of Rural Industry pointed out that “the prosperity of industry is the foundation for the revitalization of rural areas. It is necessary to further optimize rural tourism and implement projects of agriculture and rural tourism.” Therefore, in the actual development of rural tourism, we must not only do a good job in top-level planning and layout, but also pay attention to the positive role of management in the revitalization of rural industries, so that scientific and effective management can play a role in coordinating the development of rural tourism and cultural industries. This study takes Beidaihe village, Qinhuangdao as an example to summarize and analyze the development characteristics and advantages of Beidaihe village. Field investigation and interview methods are used to explore countermeasures and suggestions to meet the needs of the new situation.


Rural Tourism, Cultural Industry, Industrial Integration


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