Research Report on Cold Chain Logistics of Dairy Products—A Case Study of GuangMing Dairy Industry

Chenghao YI, Meie XIE


In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic logistics industry, people's demand for dairy products has increased rapidly. However, the overall level of development of cold chain logistics in China is not high, and the market development model is not yet mature and perfect. Enterprises encounter many problems and difficulties in the process of developing cold chain goods. The paper mainly focuses on the problems of cold chain logistics in Bright Dairy Industry and how to optimize and solve them, including cold chain logistics information management, personnel management, cold chain logistics center planning and design, cold chain distribution and distribution center planning and layout. Through a large number of data and research and analysis, the Bright Dairy cold chain logistics problems have been summed up and optimization programs are discussed.


Dairy Industry, Cold Chain Logistics, Physical Distribution Management


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