Innovative Ability Training of Sports Interpretation Talents Based on OBE Concept and MECE Analysis

Ziye WANG, Shu FENG, Bin HAO


Social and economic progress has increased publics’ demands and hopes for sports appreciation, which brings new challenges for sports commentary. This paper focuses on the growth of sports commentators and their innovative abilities, expounds the connotation and role of sports commentators, as well as the work content and quality requirements of them, discusses the Outcome-Based Education model, and puts forward the cultivation of innovative sports commentators objectives oriented to multi-dimensional subjects. Through MECE analysis and in-depth investigation, the ability and quality indicators of sports commentary talents are designed, and the ability expression of sports commentary innovative talents is clarified. Taking this as a logical starting point, the cultivation ways of sports commentary talents and their innovative ability are analyzed. By the scheme design and the summary of practical experience, it provides direction and suggestions for the growth of more excellent sports commentary innovative talents.


Innovative Ability Training, Sports Interpretation Talents, OBE, MECE


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