Teaching Research of Sports Media Major Based on Constructivist Learning View

Ziye WANG, Bin HAO, Shu FENG


Faced with the social needs of sports media talents, in view of the problems still existing in traditional teaching, such as over-reliance on teachers' teaching, neglect of experiments and practical links, and overlooking of students' digestion and absorption of needed knowledge, this paper discusses the constructivist view of knowledge, learning activities and students on the basis of analyzing the mechanism of human brain information acceptance. Four elements or attributes of "situation", "cooperation", "conversation" and "meaning construction" in the constructivist learning environment are analyzed. Combining with the training requirements of sports media talents, the training plan, the selection of teaching contents, the reform of teaching methods and the strengthening of experimental practice contents are probed, designed, and summarized, so as to provide sports media personnel training with useful reference.


Constructivism, Sports Media Major, Teaching Research


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