The Analysis and Prospect for Small-size E-commerce Enterprise in Improverished Mountain County Assisting Industrial Poverty Alleviation

Cong LIU, Jie TIAN, Meihong YOU


In recent years, driven by China's “Internet + ”strategy, local small e-commerce enterprises have contributed a lot to the rapid development of resource-based poor counties. The experience of its development can be used for reference by the poor mountain counties with certain resource advantages to win the battle against poverty and implement rural revitalization. Taking the citrus industry in Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province as an example, through field research, the paper considers that the small-scale e-commerce enterprises in Zigui County have their own characteristics in pushing citrus to the market, helping the precise poverty alleviation by the "new rural people + Taobao Shop" mode and WeChat business mode relying on social media. Then, in view of the problems existing in its development, the paper puts forward some suggestions for further development of the idea of e-commerce to help farmers.


Small E-commerce, Industrial Poverty Alleviation, ZiGui Orange


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