Analysis of the Impact of Urban Housing on the Integration of Migrant Workers

Yukun GUO, Jiayi WANG, Xingyu LONG


The rural migrant workers have become the double marginalized people. In order to better design the urban housing security system for migrant workers, and to accelerate the process of agricultural transfer, this paper analyzes the relationship between the housing status of migrant workers and the degree of urban integration. Taking urban integration as the dependent variable and taking the gender and age as the control variables, the independent variable is formed by the living form, the housing area, the rent level and so on, and the independent variables are divided into different areas by the hierarchical multiple regression method. Four regression models have been established. It is found that living form, living condition and living willingness have a significant impact on the urban integration of migrant workers. In order to improve the urban integration of migrant workers, this paper puts forward three suggestions.


Urban Integration, Living Form, Living Condition, Living Willingness


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