Integration of Reading and Writing in College English Teaching from the Perspective of D-C-C Model

Jie MA, Pan DONG


Aiming at the perspective of D-C-C model, this paper explores the construction of the Reading-Speaking-Writing Integration in college English writing teaching and reveals the path of second language acquisition, which is called Input-interaction-establishing connection-changing weight-rule emergence-acquisition. The research applies the Reading-Speaking-Writing Integrated Mode in college English writing class and divides it into three stages. The first step is reading which focuses on language input, including reading materials with “I-1” difficulty and the same topic as that of writing task. The second one refers to speaking stage mainly on interaction, including discussion, roles and tasks stimulate language connection, and weight change (correcting language rules) in meaning negotiation. The third stage is writing aimed to consolidate the learning effects of the first two stages, and promote the students’ language acquisition through different kinds of feedback. The research is capable to be used as a reference and a impetus of college English teaching.


D-C-C Model, SLA path, Reading-Speaking-Writing Integrated Mode, English Writing


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