Training and Teaching Method of Innovative Talents Under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education Strategy

Dongyuan GE, Xiangqiong QIN, Enchen LIU, Guangyong HUANG


Under the background of emerging engineering education strategy, aiming at the current situation of insufficient overall quality and mismatch between information literacy and demand of talents in the training of engineering talents, this paper takes the training of innovative talents under the premise of new engineering construction as the research object, and analyses the characteristics and requirements of innovative talents, training mechanism and existing problems; discusses the core and connotation of the new subject from six aspects: thinking endowment, knowledge structure, communication ability, understanding ability, leadership and withstand strike ability, designs innovative talents training mode under the strategy, and puts forward innovative type under the background of "emerging engineering education". In order to promote the cultivation of innovative talents with comprehensive quality under the base of the new strategy, the ways of talent cultivation and the effective measures of "five combinations" are discussed.


Emerging Engineering Education, Cultivation of Innovative Talents, Teaching Reform


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