Reflections on Adult Academic Education Based on the Motivation of Higher Vocational Students' Needs for Continuing Education

Yihui YU


Strong internal psychological needs, external pressures of realistic social environment and the demand for sustainable development of individual career make the group of higher vocational students have strong demand for continuing education (preferred adult academic education). Based on this practical problem, this paper analyses the demand motivation of higher vocational students to choose continuing education from four aspects, and discusses the main reason why adult education has become a practical choice for Higher Vocational students. On this basis, from a systematic perspective, this paper analyses adult education and its development in the context of strong demand, and puts forward the development ideas and construction measures of adult education from the perspective of four internal factors and one external environment. In order to continuously improve the attraction of Higher Vocational students, adult (academic) education should focus on standards, quality, paths and methods. Government departments should also strengthen supervision, supervision and support.


Higher Vocational Students, Continuing Learning, Motivation, Adult Academic Education


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