Reform of Freight Forwarder Course Docking World Skills Competition Standards

Weixuan HU, Zhongying JI


The World Skills Competition, as the world's highest level professional skills competition, has led the world's training standards and direction of skilled personnel. It is an important proposition that how the education make the reform to meet the World Championship standards and train more high-quality skilled talents for our country. Focused on the world skills competition freight forwarding, this paper discusses some issues including the docking of competition and specialty, the correspondence of the game with curriculum system, the connection between the curriculum standard and the competition technical criteria, the cognation of training means and the daily teaching methods, and the connection of talent cultivating concept of the World Competition ideas. The purpose of the research of this paper is to promote the professional training of the international freight forwarding professional skills system and contribute more outstanding practical talents to the society.


World Skills Competition, Freight Forwarders, Curriculum Reform


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