Reform and Practice of Training Mode of Logistics Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges Under the Background of "One Belt and One Road"



The increasingly deepening of the "belt and road" initiative has brought about changes in the training of international skilled talents in higher vocational colleges, especially as a more important logistics talent facing better opportunities and higher requirements. This paper chooses logistics talents training in higher vocational colleges as the research object, combines with the actual needs of talents, discusses the reform of talent training mode of logistics specialty, puts forward a series of reform plans, and analyses the necessity and concrete measures of reform from four aspects. The research shows that only by adhering to the policy of docking logistics industry, integrating the training chain of logistics talents into the development chain of logistics industry, realizing the internationalization of talent training and systematization of social service, can the reform of talent training be successfully promoted, and the idea of "one belt and one road" construction be actually realized.


One Belt and One Road, Higher Vocational Colleges, Logistics Talents, Training Reform


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