Study on the Mechanism of Team Learning and Team Effectiveness on Team Performance in College Teachers

Lixia WU, Xia HUANG


In order to explore the ways of building teachers' team and to acquaint the performance of teachers' team and its influencing factors, this paper takes university teachers' team as the research object and conducts an empirical study. The paper defines the concept of team learning from four dimensions: experiment, communication, reflection and record. Based on the theory of IPO model, it constructs a theoretical model of the interaction between the three factors, with team efficacy as an independent variable, team learning as an intermediary variable and team performance as a dependent variable. The results show that: team effectiveness of university teachers has a positive impact on team performance; team learning generally has a positive impact on team performance, and is a moderator variable of team effectiveness and team performance, and has a mediating effect on the role of team. The study provides a basis for the development of university teachers' team.


Team Effectiveness, Team Performance, Team Learning


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