Function of Students' Party Branch's Battle Bastion in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Systematic Theory

Licai ZHANG, Lei SHI


Student Party branch is a basic organization team or battle bastion to take the lead in implementing the Party's educational policy. This paper chooses the construction of student Party branch in higher vocational colleges and its role as the research object, and carries out a comprehensive analysis from a systematic perspective. The student Party branch is regarded as a system, its constituent elements are discussed, the contents of each element and the concerns needed are analyzed; the structure of the system is discussed, and the interaction among the constituent elements of the system is probed. The paper states the interaction between the system and the environment, and puts forward that under the new era background, according to the characteristics of young students, various activities and places are used to strengthen the construction of students' Party branches, and constantly promote the growth of college students and the development of China's education.


System Analysis, Higher Vocational Colleges, Student Party Branch, Battle Bastion


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