Statistical Analysis of Poverty Alleviation Demand in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Teaching Design

Shimeng LANG


Innovative entrepreneurship education is an effective means to achieve precise poverty alleviation for the rural poor. This paper chooses the theme of poverty alleviation through innovation and entrepreneurship, discusses the role of poverty alleviation demand statistics in innovation and entrepreneurship teaching, and analyses the methods, ideas and problems of poverty alleviation demand statistics. On the basis of in-depth investigation, the necessity of carrying out innovative entrepreneurship education is analyzed from the point of view of the needs of poor people, the basic steps of poverty alleviation demand investigation and statistics are put forward, the objects of innovative entrepreneurship education based on poverty alleviation demand are defined, several poverty alleviation programs based on demand statistics are designed, and the support is discussed. Poverty demand statistics is helpful to innovative entrepreneurship teaching in Vocational colleges, in order to think about the development of innovative entrepreneurship teaching in the era of big data and promote the realization of precise poverty alleviation in China.


Precise Poverty Alleviation, Demand Statistics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Teaching Design


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