Design of Teenagers Camp Education Curriculum Based on Multiple Value Orientation

Jialiang WU, Xufang ZHU


Camp education has been paid more and more attention in the world because it has a great impact on teenagers’ cognitive, emotional and practical abilities. From the perspective of multi-value orientation, this paper chooses teenagers’ camp education as the research object, and explores the relationship and influencing factors between curriculum goal-setting and related content selection of camp education by using the method of literature and logical analysis. The research shows that the main factors to be considered in the goal setting and content selection of camp education include: the objectives, characteristics, types and themes of camp education; the needs, motivations and suitability of teenagers for camp development; the characteristics of educates and the main problems they face. On this basis, the curriculum system and selection principle of camp education are designed which is positively conducive to the development of young people's personality.


Pluralistic Value Orientation, Teenagers, Camp Education, Curriculum.


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