The Crux Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Paragliding Talents Training in China

Xufang ZHU, Qing MENG, Yanfeng DENG


There are some problems in the training of paragliding talents currently in China: the training direction is too single, resulting in the lack of comprehensive talents; the structure of coaches and the training management system is not perfect enough to meet the training needs of paragliding talents in the international competitive field; the guarantee system of high-level athletes is not perfect enough. Facing on these problems, this paper adopts the methods of literature review, investigation and in-depth interviews to analyze the four training modes of paragliding talents in China: national team training, college training, club training and “individual-family” training mode. The paper puts forward countermeasures for talent training of paragliding in China from three aspects: promoting the introduction of paragliding courses in universities, strengthening the training of comprehensive talents, improving and standardizing the system of coaches' certification and qualification auditing, and improving the mechanism of high-level athletes training.


Paragliding, Training Mode, Guarantee System, High-Level Athletes


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